How do you stay hydrated during a trail run?
Une bonne hydratation en trail est primordiale, pendant les entraînements comme sur les courses Il faut savoir gérer son hydratation avant pendant et après sa sortie de trail-running.
How do you pack and organize your pack for a desert race? Our complete guide

Desert races are often considered the ultimate running challenge, attracting runners from all over the world. This type of event requires meticulous organization and specific equipment. Find out all our tips and tricks!

Claire Bannwarth and Mickael Berthon win the Legends Trail 2024

Retrouvez l'Interview exclusive des deux gagnants de l'édition 2024 du Legends Trail. 275km et 10 000 de D+ dans les Ardennes Belges … et la boue ! 

Why we are experts in desert race equipment

Raidlight has established itself as a true pioneer in the field of equipment for desert races. Raidlight has made its mark by designing innovative, high-performance products that offer trail runners a unique experience in extreme conditions.

Interview with Benoît Laval, looking back on his racing experiences

Benoit Laval, passionate ultra-trailer (over 200 Trails worldwide) and founder of Raidlight.

Par Monts et merveilles: ultra trail running for women

Patrizia, aka Patty, is a trail enthusiast who has chosen to challenge herself in the demanding world of ultra trail running. A Raidlight ambassador since 2021, Patty is a bold, determined woman who is constantly pushing her limits on the trails.

2in1 Pod quiver: more than just an accessory

When you carry poles, you want to be able to put them away and take them out quickly and easily. That's why we've designed the Pod 2in1 6L quiver with a forward-tilt system. Thanks to this system, you can tip the quiver forward to insert or remove your poles.

What equipment do you need for a desert run?

The choice of equipment for a desert race is very important. The wrong equipment could get you into trouble and jeopardise the outcome of your desert adventure. Here's our selection of the best products for your next desert run.

How to choose a waterproof jacket ?

The trail jacket is one of the items of equipment you need to choose according to a number of criteria, because it can be a decisive factor and a precious ally during your trail outings and races.

Explanation of the 3-layer system

Practising a sport outdoors exposes us to variations in temperature, which are particularly demanding in winter. The 3-layer system will be your best ally in protecting you from the elements. By layering 3 layers, you can be sure of staying warm and dry:

All you need to know about waterproof and breathable clothing

Coating, membrane, water repellency, breathability, Schmerber... These are all elements that will influence the waterproofing of your trail jacket. The concept of waterproofing and the associated vocabulary can be confusing. Here are a few explanations to help you understand.

How to choose the right shoes for a desert run?

Raidlight, a specialist in desert trail equipment, develops and designs products for desert races, particularly stage races such as the Marathon des Sables® or the Half Marathon des Sables®.

Assistance, a factor in ultra trail performance

There's one thing everyone agrees on, and that's the vital importance of support in ultra trail running. We often forget to mention the importance of this behind-the-scenes helper, as everything would be much less comfortable, both materially and psychologically.

Ultra trail: equipment to boost performance
When it comes to trail running, the ultra trail is often considered the holy grail, the goal of many a trail runner. Taking the start of an ultra trail means embarking on a demanding race, and getting the right equipment...
French and eco-responsible equipment with Raidlight
"Since 2014, our eco-responsible vision has led us to offer a complete range made in France. Every year, we produce 35,000 items (textiles, bags and accessories) in our workshop in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. It's a strong belief that my teams and I...
Chartreuse Terminorum: a race halfway between passion and obsession
The fifth edition of the Chartreuse Terminorum will take place from 16 to 19 June 2023. Inspired by the legendary Barkley event in the United States, the French version offers the 40 selected runners the chance to tackle a 300km...
Which trail running shoes do I choose for an ULTRA trail?

Preparations for ultra races are about to begin. The ultra trail is a vast subject, often considered as the grail, it is the objective of many traileurs.

How to choose your trail running poles

If you're planning to do a long trail, with fairly high gradients, or if you're setting off for long sessions in the mountains, then the use of trail poles will be essential, whatever your level. For a trail runner, trail poles are particularly useful for long km races, and especially when they include both positive and negative gradients. They can even be essential for ultra trail running.

How to progress on the way up and down?

The winter period is often an opportunity to work on endurance, weaknesses and technique. Running uphill often seems too difficult, even frightening. We often try to run all the climbs and we explode. To help you get through this new season, Nicolas Cerisier, Raidlight ambassador, qualified trail running coach and ultra traileur, shares his advice on how to improve your climbing and descending skills.

Interview with Benoît Laval, his tips for the Raidlight Desert Trophy
Benoît Laval is a textile engineer with a passion for mountains and running, which he has been doing competitively since the age of 10. He built his life around his passions by founding Raidlight in 1999 and taking over the...
Running at night: our advice

Winter has set in and the days are getting shorter, so if you want to keep up your training rhythm, running before or after work means running at night. This particular situation requires a bit of organisation and equipment if you want to do it safely and keep the pleasure above all else.