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Hydration Solutions

Whether it's for a short run or a long one, hydration in trail running is essential. To practice the trail in all serenity, Raidlight develops various systems of hydration. Discover our hydration solutions: water bottles, rigid bottles, flasks, water reservoirs, filters and cups. 

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Staying hydrated throughout your run, especially over long distances, is vital to your performance. Designed to offer to all the trail runners easy access to their water, the range of hydration solutions was developed so that each trail runner finds what they need: water bottles, rigid bottles, softflasks, water reservoirs or cups, you will be prepared to practise the trail in all serenity.

Compatible with all Raidlight trail running packs, the EazyFlasks press-to-drink range is available in 600mL, 350mL and 150mL. The EazyFlasks are flexible, ergonomic and ultra-compact for a minimum of space. Essential for the runner, they are also 2in1 and can be used as a pipette or a valve. The Eazyflasks allow a good grip even with wet and cold hands. The large opening of our bottles makes them easy to fill and practical for refuelling. The pipettes are easy to open and close. The water bottles come with an optional long tube (pipette) to allow you to hydrate easily. The water reservoirs are also a comfortable and efficient way to carry your water. With a capacity of 1.2L and 1.8L, you can run light. The Eazy Eco Cup is the inevitable accessory for the runner. It is part of the mandatory equipment for all trails and ultra-trails.

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Take on any challenge with our collection of trail accessories designed to improve your comfort, efficiency and protection on the trail.