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Trail running poles

Has become the essential accessory for trail runners in search of climbing higher, and Raidlight have severla different options. Foldable or telescopic, aluminium or carbon, 3 or 4 strands, discover our range of light and resistant trail poles. Keep your poles within reach while running with the Raidlight universal quiver.

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If you intend to do a long trail, with rather high gradients or if you are going for long sessions in the mountains, then the use of trail poles is essential, whatever your level. Trail running is a very demanding sport that requires quality equipment that is adapted to the individual athlete. Made of light materials, easy to carry and store, and designed to withstand all your adventures, our trail poles have an ergonomic handle offering a stable grip and optimal comfort, even without gloves. With our range of trail poles, you'll be ready to take on the hills.

Our single-strand Ultralight Carbon Made in France 100% carbon trail poles are specifically designed for a vertical kilometre or a SkyRace, our Hybrid Carbon trail poles are versatile and adaptable to all terrains thanks to the 3 different tips (universal, snow and trekking). Hiking, ski touring, trail, telescopic and foldable, they will accompany you in all your activities. The Compact Z Carbon trail poles have been designed to optimize your trail activities and allow you to evolve in all types of environments. Ultralight, these trail poles are the result of a balance between aluminium and carbon for a flexibility and a solidity to any test. Complete your trail kit with the Raidlight Quiver and benefit from a volume gain of 6L. Adapted to all types of poles (3 strands or telescopic), its ingenious system of tipping will simplify the transitions.

What type of pole for the trail? How to equip yourself for trail running? How to choose your trail poles? How to run with poles? What are the necessary accessories for trail running? Every trail runner has asked himself one of these questions, whether he is a beginner or an experienced runner. To help you in the choice of your trail poles, find all our tips in these articles: how to progress in uphill and downhill? How to choose your trail poles?

Take on any challenge with our collection of trail accessories designed to improve your comfort, efficiency and protection on the trail.