Raidlight's Made in French Alps Workshop

Discover our production workshop in the heart of the Chartreuse.

In 2014, Raidlight expanded its textile workshop in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse with lightweight and technically innovative products. With a surface area of 500m ² the workshop is composed of about thirty machines and other equipment and employed 10 people in 2019, in charge of creating, sewing and assembling more than 30,000 products per year.

"It is a deliberate and voluntary choice to produce in France in order to offer the customer the choice to buy Made In France. "Benoit Laval, founding president of Raidlight.

Why is our production not entirely made in France?

The answer is obviously a question of manufacturing cost,and therefore of selling price. Would it make sense and above all would we have customers if we made a breathable and technical waterproof jacket at 500 euros? And what if all our products had a price multiplied by two or three?

The products that we manufacture in France are designed with this price constraint, which is not applicable to all types of products. Our Made in French Alps range is made up of top-of-the-range, minimalist products on which we bring a different added value. However, it is not possible on all products.

Also, we don't have to be "ashamed" to manufacture products in other parts of the world in today's globalized world, it contributes to the upward evolution of less developed countries. We visit our factories regularly and we take care to select them for the quality of their work, which is mainly due to the quality of their employees. Moreover, we present our production sites to you with transparency.

These top-of-the-range products combine comfort and eco-responsibility through cutting-edge technologies: laser cutting and therm bonding. These innovative technologies allow us to radically change the design of technical products to make them even lighter and more efficient, but also more eco-responsible.