Comment préparer son sac 12L pour un ultra trail ?

How do you pack your 12L ultra trail pack?

After months of training, you're ready to embark on your Ultra Trail adventure. Whether you're a experienced runner or a determined novice, preparing your pack and equipment will be crucial to the success of your race.

Find out all our tips for preparing your ultra trail pack! 

Refer to the compulsory equipment list imposed by the race organizer

The list of compulsory equipment is issued by the race organizers. It is very important to refer to it, as the absence of one of the items can lead to your disqualification and prevent you from taking the start of your race. This list is to be taken seriously, as it ensures your safety throughout the event.

For ultra-trail runners, this often includes: a headlamp with battery backup, a waterproof jacket with hood and a minimum 10K/10K, a hydration solution, etc. Everything else is subject to change, depending on the weather and the organization's plans (extreme cold or heatwave). As you approach your race, stay vigilant and on the lookout for communications issued by the organizer. 

In any case, even if the list of compulsory equipment is a good basis to help you choose your gear, it's important to list the equipment you'll need according to your habits and the weather conditions. 

It's important not to leave anything to chance. The more meticulous and careful you are, the better you'll be able to cope with the unexpected. The key to your success is anticipation and organization.  

Anticipation, organisation

Your choice of equipment is crucial. A snug-fitting, comfortable trail pack is essential for carrying your gear and supplies during the race. Look for a lightweight but durable pack, with plenty of pockets to organize your gear efficiently. 

Your choice of clothing can make all the difference on an ultra trail. Opt for breathable, moisture-wicking technical clothing that dries quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable even on the steepest climbs and in changing weather conditions. Choose lightweight, stretchy materials for optimum freedom of movement.

Safety must always be a priority when trail running, and especially when ultra running, especially when you're running over isolated, rugged terrain. Even if the organizations provide areas for medical care, be sure to take along a first-aid kit containing bandages, compresses, tape, painkillers and any other necessary medication. 

We can't say it often enough: don't test on the big day! Nutrition, pack, clothes, shoes, everything needs to be tested several times. 

A well-prepared pack means having everything you need close at hand, without it bothering you when you're running. Put the compulsory equipment you're unlikely to use in the back pocckets (survival blanket, long-sleeved top, waterproof gloves and pants) and in the front, hydration, nutrition, Eco cup, etc. 

Here's a non-exhaustive list of the equipment you'll need for an ultra trail. It should be updated according to your needs, habits and preferences: 

- 12L Made In France pack and 2x600mL flasks

- A telephone

- A minimum 10K/10K waterproof jacket with hood. In this case, we opted for the Top Extreme Ultra 20K/20K jacket with gusset to go over the pack.

- Head torch with spare batteries

- Survival cover 

- Long sleeved wintertrail top

- Waterproof over trousers 20K/20K

- Waterproof gloves 20K/20K

- Poles

- Cap

- Sun glasses

- Neck gaiter

- Plasters and bandages

- Refuelling  

- Eco Cup

By carefully preparing your equipment for an ultra trail, you maximize your chances of success and safety on the trails. With the right equipment and careful preparation, you'll be ready to take on the ultra trail challenge and push your limits like never before. Have a great race!