2in1 Pod quiver: more than just an accessory

Carquois Pod 2en1 : plus qu'un simple accessoire

When it comes to trail running, there's one accessory that's indispensable over a certain distance: poles. 

The more technical the race, and the greater the difference in altitude, the more advantageous it is to run with trail poles. Well-chosen, well-adjusted and correctly used, they'll be a great help.

Even if it's perfectly possible to keep your poles in your hands, the question of storage and rapid unfolding will inevitably arise. Carrying poles is often a real headache for trail runners. 

There are several types of carrying solutions:

- The simplest, but not the most practical: hand-carrying your poles
- Trail belt with pole-holder system
- Trail pack with pole-holder system

When you're carrying poles, you want to be able to put them away and take them out quickly and easily, which is why we've designed a Pod 2in1 6L quiver that features a forward-tilt system. Thanks to this system, you can tip the quiver forward to insert or remove your poles. The magnet at the bottom of the quiver then serves to lock and secure it to the bag.

Light enough to be forgotten, essential enough to make you wonder how you ever did it before.

This accessory makes it easy to store and grab your trail poles. You can take them out when you need them and forget you're wearing them when you're not.

2in1 Pod quiver by Raidlight:

- Quick and easy to install. You can see here our how to video!
- Adapts to all trail packs, all sizes and all brands, as it comes with a universal attachment kit.
- Fits all types of poles: 3-strand or telescopic.
- A zipped side pocket offers real volume savings (6L total).
- Provides real comfort thanks to its forward-tilting system. No need to contort your body to grab or store your poles!

If you don't know how to choose your trail poles, what size to choose or how to run with them, we've dedicated a blog post to the subject, which you can find by clicking here.

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