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Men's Trail Running Packs / Race Vests


Men's Trail Running Packs 

Discover the widest range of trail running backpacks and vests for men. Whether it's a short or long trail, a stage race or a desert race, our hydration packs will meet the specific needs of each runner. From 3 to 40 litres, Made in France, recycled or modular, make our trail packs your favourite ally and set off to conquer the trails.

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To accompany you in the practice of trail running or endurance sports, Raidlight has developed a range of trail backpacks from 3L to 40L. Light and breathable, our trail packs for men adapt to your morphology and become an essential ally during your trails. Raidlight has been developing for 20 years the emblematic bags for multi-day adventure races such as the Marathon des Sables, Half Marathon des Sables and other mythical races. Designed for outdoor adventures and built to be worn for hours in hostile environments, the Raid Legend 24L Trail Backpack is ideal for stage races and long distances. Ultra high performance, ultra light and ultra compact, the Ultralight Made in France range of trail backpacks are versatile. Clever, innovative and with a large storage capacity, our trail backpacks will be your ally in all circumstances. The Responsiv 6, 12 or 18L trail running packs will perfectly meet all your needs. They combine 3 essential features for a trail backpack: a tightening system with a micrometric buckle, a tightening system at the chest and a pole holder system at the front of the bag for greater efficiency. No more need to stop to take off or put back your poles. All our trail packs packs have been designed to make your run easier and to secure your belongings, you can also count on all the pockets that our trail packs offer.

Discover also our water bottles and hydration solutions and stay hydrated during your trail runs.

Which trail running bag to choose? What should I put in my trail pack? Which trail running pack to use for an ultra-trail? How to choose a trail pack? Every runner has already asked himself one of these questions, whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner. To help you in the choice of your trail pack, find all our advice in these articles: how to be well equipped for trail running? The essentials to have in your trail pack.