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Regional Roots

More than a company, we are today embeded in the Chartreuse area. Our aim is to make the massif known and experienced in order to develop its popularity and tourism, and to participate in the local economic life. Here we have created the 1st Trail Station in Europe, with signposted routes and a welcoming base station. We are also partners of local events such as the Chartreuse Trail Festival and the Chartreuse Wintertrail.

Anchoring in society

Raidlight has been involved for a long time in various professional networks of entrepreneurs and the outdoor industry. Thanks to our willingness to open up, we welcome every year trainees at different levels; 3rd year trainees for the discovery of the company, or students in qualified training courses from BAC+2 to BAC+5, as well as regular work-study students We also open our doors to company visits for schools and universities, and each year more than ten visits are organised to help students understand our business.

The majority of our employees are located in the village of Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse. This has the following positive consequences: 86% of our employees live in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse or neighbouring villages, and 44% of them come to work either by bike or on foot.

Of our employees live in Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse

44% of our employees come to work by bike or on foot


We have been working with different recycled materials since 2009.

Today, 60% of our textile range is made using recycled materials and our goal is to reach 90% by 2023.

60% des vêtements recyclés

of our textile range uses recycled materials in 2022.

Objectif 90% recyclé

Target in 2023: 90% recycled

How does it work?

Raw material comes from the recycling of plastic bottles and industrial waste.

Where are our products made? Who are our factories?

We produce a small part of our products in the French Alps, in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse. However, we are not able today to produce everything in France, for a question of manufacturing cost and production capacity.

We have therefore for years selected trusted partners throughout the world, mainly in Asia. These factories as well as our component fabric suppliers, with whom we are committed to long-term projects that make sense, are an integral part of our capacity for innovation. It is also with them that we have been working with recycled polyester materials for the last twelve years, with the objective of achieving 90% of our products in recycled materials by 2023.

We visit our factories ourselves several times a year to check. This allows us to have a real expertise, as well as an overview of the entire manufacturing process, from the chosen raw materials to the finished product, and also to be guarantors of the working conditions.


How do we choose our suppliers? We work with factories in Asia for reasons of competitiveness, quality/price ratio in comparison to the market. All of our production facilities conform to ISO14001, ISO9001 and we use OEKO-TEX and Blue Sign fabrics.