2in1 Pod quiver: more than just an accessory

When you carry poles, you want to be able to put them away and take them out quickly and easily. That's why we've designed the Pod 2in1 6L quiver with a forward-tilt system. Thanks to this system, you can tip the quiver forward to insert or remove your poles.

How to choose a waterproof jacket ?

The trail jacket is one of the items of equipment you need to choose according to a number of criteria, because it can be a decisive factor and a precious ally during your trail outings and races.

Explanation of the 3-layer system

Practising a sport outdoors exposes us to variations in temperature, which are particularly demanding in winter. The 3-layer system will be your best ally in protecting you from the elements. By layering 3 layers, you can be sure of staying warm and dry:

All you need to know about waterproof and breathable clothing

Coating, membrane, water repellency, breathability, Schmerber... These are all elements that will influence the waterproofing of your trail jacket. The concept of waterproofing and the associated vocabulary can be confusing. Here are a few explanations to help you understand.

How to choose your trail running poles

If you're planning to do a long trail, with fairly high gradients, or if you're setting off for long sessions in the mountains, then the use of trail poles will be essential, whatever your level. For a trail runner, trail poles are particularly useful for long km races, and especially when they include both positive and negative gradients. They can even be essential for ultra trail running.

How to choose your trail running shoes?

"Which trail shoe to choose" is the question that all trail runners ask themselves, whether they are beginners or experienced runners. Finding the most comfortable trail shoes possible, with soles that grip on all terrains and in all conditions, is no easy task.

The essentials to have in your trail running pack

The trail bag is an essential piece of equipment for trail runners. Just as important as your shoes, it's essential for your independence and safety on your outings!

How should you equip yourself for trail running?

Trail running requires specific equipment, to be adapted according to the season, the weather and the distance covered. Choosing the right equipment can be decisive, which is why certain elements are essential.