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DESERT Gaiters
DESERT Gaiters
DESERT Gaiters
DESERT Gaiters
DESERT Gaiters
DESERT Gaiters



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DESERT Gaiters

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Desert gaiters are made from lightweight highly breathable sandproof material and are reinforced over the front of the toe for extra durability.


Desert gaiters are made from lightweight highly breathable sandproof material and are reinforced over the front of the toe for extra durability.

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The gaiter is attached to the shoe by hook and loop fixing. The hook tape needs to be glued or sewn to the shoe as close to the midsole as possible to create a good seal. Pull gaiter on, put on shoe, then close.

It is quick and easy to release for adjusting laces during the day. If you are doing a desert race like Marathon des Sables / 4 Deserts series etc. then you need these gaiters.

- Lightweight and sandproof material

- Stretch

- Reinforcement on the toe

- Hook and loop fixing to the shoe. Allowing a perfect fit of the gaiter

- Sizes: EU35-41, EU42-47

- 77% Polyamide

- 13% Elastane

- 10% Recycled Polyester

- Wash at a temperature not exceeding 30°C

- Do not tumble dry

- Do not use fabric softener

- Do not iron

- Do not dry clean

Product Code: GLKMS58__L10350

DESERT Gaiters


The RAIDLIGHT DESERT TROPHY, , in Jordan, from March 29/30 to April 6/7, 2024. Discover Petra, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea before and after the 4-day race in the Wadi-Rum, an all-inclusive package with air flights, transfers, bivouacs and all meals in the desert (except 220KM package). Choice of:

-4-STAGES in Trail format / -4-STAGES in Hiking format / -220KM-NON-STOP with GPS

A challenging sporting event to discover one of the world's most beautiful deserts, within an all-inclusive trip with packages including air and full board. For further information: www.raidlight.com/rdt

OMAN DESERT MARATHON,Oman - January 17-26, 2024..

The Oman Desert Marathon is a superb race in the dunes of Oman, in self-sufficiency, i.e. each runner must be self-sufficient, bringing all his equipment, sleeping bag, as well as everything he needs for four days, with the exception of water, which will be provided at checkpoints every 10 km. There is a choice of 2 formats, Trail or Rando, with both sharing the same bivouacs, under Bedouin tents. All routes are signposted.

Find out more about the all-inclusive package, including flights, transfers, hotels before and after the race, and visits to Muscat and Daymaniyat Island here: www.trailtobealive.fr/oman-desert-marathon/

Customer Reviews

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Charline Halleux

Réception très rapide du produit et facile d'installation !
Attention, pour ne le sable, ne pas juste les coller mais également les faire coudre par un cordonnier !

Indispensable et très bon produit

Porté sur le MDS 2023, il n'y pas mieux.
Résistante sur toute la semaine et ne laisse pas passer le sable ou autres cailloux.
Le velcro est super fort donc excellent maintient de la guêtre sur la chaussure mais attention lors de l'ouverture à ne pas tirer trop fort car la bande velcro pourrait se détacher de la chaussure.
Important : ne pas coller la bande velcro sur la semelle comme indiqué par Raidlight mais aller chez un cordonnier pour la faire coudre sur la base du chausson juste au-dessus de la semelle.
Epouse parfaitement la chaussure et la cheville, indispensable pour toute course dans la sable.

Simple but effective

Bought for Marathon des Sables 2023, and they did what they said they would. Kept out all sand and stones during the course. The velcro is extremely strong. Unfortunately the stitching is not as strong so you must be careful when removing the velcro not to tear the stitches (start removing the velcro on the shoes at different spots each time, holding onto the velcro carefully). It would be great if they came with a velcro opening down the middle because they can be difficult to remove when your ankles and feet have swollen.

Virginie de Neuville
Guêtres idéales

Ces guêtres ont tous les avantages,
Elles sont efficaces aucun sable ni cailloux même après plus de 50 h passées dans les dunes
Elles sont légères
Elles sont faciles à utiliser
C'est un produit de très bonne qualité

Jan Rijk Vonk
Perfect ODM fit

Had this one before in the Oman Desert Marathon and it worked perfectly. Looking forward for yet another stroll in that region. Hence, this re-buy.