Montebelluna - How to create a trail shoe

Footwear is the most important item for a runner, the only point of contact between the body and the ground. Comfort is therefore important, just like dynamism, which is necessary to respond to every change of direction.

What are the main criteria in choosing a trail shoe? How far do you like to run? On what type of terrain?

At Raidlight we asked ourselves all these questions and that's how we started a two-year project to develop 4 different models, develop for different terrains, distances and type of runner.

Thousands of miles of Raidlight trail running experience, combined with decades of Montebelluna footwear expertise

Created in Italy. Tested and developed in the French Alps

Our shoes were designed in the Lange factory in Montebelluna, located one hour from the Dolomites, known as the iconic place for footwear development.

In order to choose the best possible materials, the shoes have been tested in our R&D centre: Abrasion test, Martindale test and tensile test.

These are the most important phases of the development process, allowing the whole team to study each part and characteristic of the shoe: from last to upper, breathability, dynamism, tread design... This process also allowed us to bring more technicality to our soles, with a higher level of grip and durability.

Understanding the needs of trail runners was possible thanks to the input of the whole team but also thanks to the 3D scans available in our premises, to analyze thousands of feet to develop the best shape for the most comfortable fit.

4 different prototypes were developed and tested by members of the Raidlight team but also by our Elite Team Athletes Christophe le Saux and Nathalie Mauclair.

Stages of Development:


First, the team worked on the last (the shape). We can describe it as the DNA of the shoe, it defines the shape and fit of the model (for example the Revolutiv has a shape made for regular feet, focused on precision, feel and performance on all terrains, while the Ultra has a wider last to improve comfort over long distances).


Secondly, the mould for the midsole and outsole which can either be made of injection moulded EVA (on our Responsiv Ultra for example) or compression moulded EVA (as on the other models). Starting from a resin, we have developed our own moulds based on the drawings made by our technicians.


Dual+ technology is a concept developed to improve foot support and comfort. It is a dual density system to provide support and comfort whilst maintaining dynamism. This technology is available in 3 models to best meet the expectations of runners:

dynamic, fast, light and comfortable.


A sewing team is entirely dedicated to the development of the upper of the entire shoe collection. The materials are chosen through the expertise of our teams and our different partners, this allows us to design and develop different uppers according to the needs of each one.
Once all these stages have been carried out, all the information is passed on to our partners so that they can develop the moulds (one per size) and the first prototypes which will be adjusted according to the feedback from the tests.

Then there are 2 types of test :

- Laboratory tests
- Field tests

During laboratory tests, the team focuses on flex and signs of wear on the midsole and outsole by heating and cooling the shoes with extreme temperatures or by simulating a stride hundreds of times to study break points and material reactions. The priority is to look at grip, dynamism and wear.

Thanks to field tests the team can study how the shoe adapts to the foot, how the materials react in a "real" environment according to different types of terrain and weather conditions. In total, more than 50 trail runners of all levels tested the collection.

After these tests there is therefore an adjustment phase before production is launched, which generally takes 3 months before it is complete.

After more than two years of development and work, Raidlight launch 4 models of shoe, for different terrains, distances and type of runner.