Collaborative R&D


We believe that there are 3 foundations to the design of technical and efficient products:

- Our qualified and experienced team

- Our trusted suppliers and partners

- You, our users and customers

We are convinced that you, the trail-runners and outdoor enthusiasts, are best able to make the products evolve, either through your feedback from field tests or through your new innovative ideas and needs. It is by combining the knowledge of our teams and your experiences in real situations that we develop our ranges of textiles, accessories, race vests and shoes.

In 2008 we launched the Open R&D. Whether it is in our store in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse or on the races and trail events where Raidlight is present (Maxi-Race, Marathon du Mont-Blanc, Ultra Marin, UTMB, Templiers, Sainté Lyon ...). It is the opportunity for our teams to exchange directly with you by collecting your product opinions and ideas for innovation.

With this in mind, we also created the Open to All Team. Our customers can participate in the design and discuss a little bit of everything with us over a good beer. And don't forget to come and see us in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse in the Raidlight OutdoorLab, you will be able to test our products for free... and take an active part in their design.


Do you want to give feedback?

Thanks to the Open R&D, our customers have actively participated in the creation of new Raidlight products for over a decade, such as a pack dedicated to desert races like the Marathon des Sables, a rain cape with a very innovative pack volume adjustment, the R-LIGHT 001 shoe and its CUSTOM SHOES system (resoling, renewable and interchangeable cushioning, with a range of customizable accessories).

For several years we have been collecting your opinions in order to adjust, create and design different products that meet your needs. Do you have product feedback for us? We invite you to fill out the form below so that your opinion can be taken into account.