RaidLight is a dedicated team of passionate people who come together to “Share the trail running experience”.


Benoit Laval and Stéphane Bacconnier form the duo who share the management of the company and complement each other on the various duties. Our founder, Benoit, focuses on the strategic part, innovation, which is his area of expertise, as well as marketing and e-commerce. Stéphane oversees managing the entire team of passionate individuals and ensures we are all on the same page.


Imagine, design, prototype and test. Our research and development department designs products and the latest innovations. They are the real focal point of the company, acting as a link between different departments, analysing your feedback to create ever more innovative, lightweight and high-performance products.


The Marketing team oversees spreading our values and brand through various media. They are also the people you can find at sponsored races and manage our Open to All team.


The web team is in charge of our websites, whilst many developers hide in dark rooms for days, ours have a tendency to climb out the window of the office on a nice day for a quick run or ski in the winter.


Our sales team is the link between our retailers and partners for all RaidLight products and services.


If you need product advice, or have a problem that needs solving, these are the people to help you.


Our HR and Administrative teams are the links in the chain and ensure that each department can work under the best possible conditions.


One of the pillars of RaidLight, the Made in French Alps workshop. Thanks to the team in place we can manufacture some of our technical clothing and equipment in France.


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