Recycled Materials

Recycled Polyester


raidlight design its equipment in a sustainable approach.

Since a decade, we integrate recycled materials in our yarns and fabrics. recycled polyester yarns keep all the technicity and advantages of normal polyester (lightness, durability, comfort, quick dry, sweat evacuation and easy maintenance) while diminishing the environmental footprint (a 50% to 76% carbon footprint reduction, as well as less incinerated waste related pollution) .

Recycled polyester is more expensive than classicpolyester, but raidlight chosose to make this decision for the future.

Our goal is to reach 90% of products made in recycled polyester .

Recycled Polyester

60% des vêtements recyclés

of our products are recycled in 2022

Objectif 90% recyclé

Target in 2023: 90% recycled