I'm a ‘Trail dinosaur »,

I've done over 200 trails of all sizes, from the Empire
State Building to the 400km of the Gobi.,

Now I only run for pleasure, and for adventure, like last month's Himal Race (700km) in Nepal.


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I regularly run between 10 and 15 km 4X/week, without any specific training or running programme. I enjoy discovering new landscapes.

Running gives you access to magical corners that aren't very touristy because they're hard to get to, and it's then an immense feeling of FREEDOM.



What I love most of all is running, whether on the road or on the trail.

I have a preference for road running, where I'm more focused on performance and surpassing myself, with real short- and long-term goals, unlike trail running, where I forget about the clock and the kilometres and just contemplate my surroundings.



I run for pleasure and organise trails, clearing unusual paths like in the WadiRum desert for the Raidlight Desert Trophy or in the Chartreuse for the Terminorum, the little sister of the legendary Barkley.



I run because it helps me clear my head and keep the pounds off !

I run several times a week and do a few races for fun with friends. Discovering new paths and feeling the burning sensation is addictive, and necessary because I love cakes!



I run because it's the way I've found to challenge myself and I need to spend time outdoors. My main training objective is to be versatile. My favourite distances are marathon formats, but I also like to perform well over shorter or longer distances.


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My main motivation in running is to be alone in nature for several hours at a time. That's why I'm doing longer and longer distances (between 80km and 100km), hoping to be able to do 100miles soon.

It's all about pleasure before performance. As Forest Gump says: ‘just felt like running’ » 😊



When I run, I clear my head and my problems sometimes appear more clearly to me, just like after a good night's sleep! If you go early in the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful light. If you go often, you can watch nature change with the seasons.

Even if you don't plan to run long distances, achieving the goals you set yourself is extremely gratifying. I did it! That's how I got to the finish line of a marathon. 



I've been practising orienteering and long-distance trail running for nearly 30 years now, and as time goes by I really enjoy alternating between the 2 outdoor activities. I run in a wide variety of environments.

Orienteering is an activity that allows me to get off the trails, whereas trail running allows me to ‘travel’ for longer and generally enjoy more views. Orienteering is an activity that allows me to get off the trails, whereas trail running allows me to ‘travel’ for longer periods and generally enjoy more views. Orienteering is a post-run exchange of views to help me understand the mistakes I've made along the way, whereas trail running is rarely a solitary activity.


Club and races

I'm a 400m hurdler and I've been doing athletics for just over 10 years.

What I like most about running is pushing yourself, setting yourself a goal. But there's also a lot to do with the group and the conviviality, which is really specific to running.


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As a runner, I'm above all passionate about discovering new routes that climb, climb and climb!

I always take the time to stop and take in the scenery.

However, as soon as I put on my race number, my competitive spirit takes over and I give it my all.