SainteLyon 2022: a crazy night for Team Raidlight

SainteLyon 2022 : nuit de folie pour la Team Raidlight

Last weekend saw the culmination of the end-of-season season for all runners, as the oldest of the Ultra races has become a must for many runners.

One thing's for sure, the Sainte-Lyon once again lived up to its promise, with weather that lived up to its legend. This year's runners had to brave cold, rain and even snow. That's what trail running and sport in general is all about: you can plan and anticipate everything, but whatever happens, it won't all go to plan, for better or worse.

The Raidlight team was out in force at this legendary race: 16 ambassadors and 3 members of the Raidlight team finished the season at one of the event's distances.

78 km - 78 km relay - 44 km - 24 km - 13 km, from Saint-Etienne to Lyon via the Monts du Lyonnais peaks

After a few convivial moments together, it was soon time for the Raidlight Team to set off. Night had fallen, the preparations were complete, the last pre-race meal had been eaten, and it was time to switch on the headlamp and head for the start.

Testimonials and results

Isabelle Dragon - 3rd Women - 55th overall - 7h35 of race

"So many things happened overnight. Once I'd got over the emotion of setting off alongside the French trail rockets, I followed my coach's instructions. The kilometres ticked by and a leading trio emerged. If the frontrunner got away very quickly, the battle would be between the 2nd and me. A problem with my headlamp halfway through the race cost me 2nd place. Unfortunately, I couldn't close the gap. But what I'll remember about this race is all the effort I've put in over the last 3 months to come back in time after my injury, and that's something I'm proud of. So I finished 3rd in this 68th Sainte-Lyon in 7h36, 25 minutes less than in 2021, and 55th overall out of more than 6,000 participants.

Maité Maiora - 78km - 4th woman - 69th overall - 7h42 of race

"It was a very difficult race for me, particularly because of the cold. The course was rolling, but I wasn't very well prepared for this distance. Still, I loved running it. SaintéLyon approved. I'll be back".

Maité is a skyrunning specialist (winner of the Val d'Aran by UTMB 2022), so this type of distance isn't one she's used to, but she accepted the challenge. See you on the podium next year?

Damien Sidoux - 78km handicapped relay - 83rd man / 197th overall

Damien started his relay with his team-mate as part of a mixed team of disabled runners. It was an emotional race for Damien: "My legs are stronger. It was just mud after mud after mud, but what a pleasure to see your partner burst into tears at the finish, it was touching". Emotion and surpassing oneself, a race just the way we like it!

Jarno Legros - SaintExpress 44km - 8th scratch / 3rd SE-MOH - 3h23 of race

"After an 8th place in 2018 on the main event, this morning I once again finished in 8th place, but on the SaintExpress in 3h23. I'm pretty pleased with this first real result since joining Raidlight! The equipment was put to the test (from the shoes to the jacket). Now it's time for a good, healthy break.

Clément Bruchon - SaintExpress 44km - withdrew from the race with 9km to go due to hypothermia

At just 20 years of age, he was in contention for second place in the SaintExpress, but it was with 9km to go that Clément was surprised by shivers all over his body, forcing him to stop. The top 2 were calling him so loudly that he forgot to put on his waterproof jacket at the ravito. The weather got the better of him this time, but Clément hasn't said his last word. We know he's already looking forward to getting his revenge, so we'll see you next year.

Stéphane Bacconnier - SainteSprint 23km - 17th overall / 1st M3-M4H - 1h46 of race

With an average speed of 13.8 km/h, Stéphane (General Manager of Raidlight) took first place in his category. His race management was perfectly executed in his favourite format.

Well done everyone, and we look forward to seeing you next year for another night under the stars!

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