Ultra trail: equipment to boost performance

Ultra trail : l'équipement comme levier de performance

When it comes to trail running, the ultra trail is often considered the holy grail, the goal of many a trail runner. Taking the start of an ultra trail means embarking on a demanding race, and getting the right equipment is one of the keys to success. Weather, terrain, course and distance are all criteria to be taken into account when choosing your equipment.

Because of its history, Raidlight has a passion for ultra trail and stage races, which is why we offer technical, lightweight and comfortable panoplies specially designed for all distances and weather conditions. Made up of ultra-light and ultra-breathable products, these outfits have been designed for the most demanding trail runners, and symbolize Raidlight know-how.

Any mountain getaway requires a minimum of equipment. For example, at the end of August around Chamonix, between 2000 and 2500 altitude, temperatures can drop to -0°C (especially at night). It's not for nothing that most organizations impose compulsory equipment. This mainly concerns safety, but the list is not restricted to that provided by the organizers: every participant must know what he or she needs to compete in this type of event in complete safety. This is where the role of professional equipment suppliers comes into its own.


Let's talk a little about technique: in trail running, and particularly in ultra trail running, achieving a podium finish or simply being a finisher requires a number of parameters to be taken into account. In this type of sport, it's preferable to focus on reducing energy costs rather than optimizing them. Indeed, an energy-intensive stride can be the consequence of reduced capacity, muscular and general fatigue, and so on. Medium and long-distance runners must therefore seek to reduce their energy costs. Improving energy costs is not just a question of physiological parameters or improving the stride. Like cyclists, where every gram counts, the traileur must optimize his equipment so that it is technical, but above all light. Opting for ultralight brings a greater sense of freedom, with less pressure on the body and much less weight to support, so lower energy costs.

Since its creation, Raidlight's ambition has been to offer products that are ever more innovative, comfortable and, above all, ever lighter. It's not just in its name, it's in its DNA, hence its perseverance in the quest for lightness and compactness.

Raidlight offers several products specifically designed for ultra trail running, including an Ultralight range designed with the MP+ membrane, comprising an Ultralight 2. 0 waterproof jacket (25,000 Schmerber and 60,000 breathability), Ultralight waterproof pants (20,000 Schmerber and 20,000 breathability), Trail Touch waterproof gloves (20,000 Schmerber and 15,000 breathability) and waterproof over-slippers (20,000 Schmerber and 20,000 breathability). Products regularly requested as part of the compulsory equipment for ultra races.

Developed and technically improved over more than 20 years, the MP+ membrane with hydrophilic technology is one of the most efficient on the market.

Recognized for its high breathability, waterproofing and durability, it accompanies our products in different versions (stretch, ultralight, 2-layer or 3-layer) to enable runners to keep on running whatever the weather.

When other brands don't communicate about the waterproofing and breathability of their trail gear, we at Raidlight firmly believe that this data should be a criterion of choice. As trail enthusiasts, it's our duty to be transparent on this subject and to offer ever more technical products.


On a medium- to long-distance trail, organizing and distributing the load of your equipment is a real comfort booster, but as the hours and kilometers add up, every parameter needs to be taken into account and optimized. As experienced by our ambassador Nicolas Cerisier, the trail bag and trail belt duo offers numerous advantages. Firstly, by distributing the load, the rocking effect on descents is considerably reduced. Secondly, the belt provides everything the trail runner will need immediately: bars, gels, compotes and, depending on the weather, a choker or waterproof jacket. The front of the bag will contain hydration, telephone and nutrition, while the back of the bag can hold all the mandatory equipment the runner is unlikely to need. Finally, the belt can also be used as a bib holder.


Shoes are to ultra-trailers what cars are to rally drivers: the key element. The choice of shoe must therefore follow an implacable logic: focus on the benefits of comfort, resistance and cushioning, rather than dynamism and lightness, in view of the length of the effort that awaits them. The shoe must be versatile, as conditions can vary, but above all it must possess the following 3 qualities: comfort, grip and protection.

Our Ultra 3.0 trail shoe has been studied and designed to meet this need. Maximum comfort without compromising on grip and dynamism, it's the perfect shoe for ultra trails. Cushioning, responsiveness and comfort: the ideal characteristics for coping with the many impacts of mountain running.

The trail runner's playground is covered with various abrasive elements: roots, rocks, brambles and branches on the ground. That's why we've equipped our Ultra 3.0 trail shoes with MATRYX® technology. Matryx® is a much more resistant mesh, the weave combining high-tenacity yarns with technical threads. It also contains 19 threads of Kevlar, a fiber with excellent mechanical tensile properties. This is a real guarantee of safety and longevity, making the Ultra 3.0 trail shoe a real ally on ultra trail races.

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