Chartreuse Terminorum: a race halfway between passion and obsession

Chartreuse Terminorum : une course à mi-chemin entre passion et obsession

The fifth edition of the Chartreuse Terminorum will take place from 16 to 19 June 2023. Inspired by the legendary Barkley event in the United States, the French version offers the 40 selected runners the chance to tackle a 300km course with 25,000 metres of ascent, in total autonomy. No assistance, no GPS, no signposting, no precise start time, where the checkpoints are like hidden books whose pages you have to rip out. To top it all off, these ultra-trail specialists will have to complete each of the five loops in under 16 hours. An impossible race for some, the challenge of a lifetime for others. A mix of trail running, adventure, orienteering and problem solving, the Chartreuse Terminorum is undoubtedly the toughest race in France.

The start will be given on Friday, between midnight and noon, without further details. Once the bugle has sounded, the competitors will have to get ready for the big start, which will be an hour later.

Touching your limits, sometimes going beyond them without knowing if you'll reach the end of the road: that's what thrills Raidlight ambassador Mickael Berthon, who will be starting the race on Friday. Accustomed to races with dizzying mileage and vertical drops, Mickaël has made this race a real passion and completing his 5 laps an obsession. Taking part for the fourth time, the runner is serene and ready to take on the trails of the Chartreuse, his favourite playground.

Aurélien Sanchez, who became a Barkley legend last March when he became the 1st Frenchman to finish the race, will also be taking part in the Chartreuse Terminorum. For his second participation, he is determined to be the first finisher of the Barkley's little sister.

The Chartreuse is still waiting for the person who will manage to complete the 300 km and 25,000 m of ascent.

NB: the Chartreuse Terminorum finally had not one, but 5 finishers in the 2023 edition. Raichon Sébastien, Berthon Mickael, Herrero Casas Alberto, Bachelet Benoît and Moyroud Nicolas reached the end of this legendary race - congratulations to them all!

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