Product Repairs

Making your products live longer is our responsibility.

Our products are designed and tested to be durable, but sometimes damage can occur, even under normal use.  

Our policy is: your product is damaged? Contact our customer service department to have your products repaired. We examine each part to be repaired - whether it was purchased from or one of our distribution partners - to determine whether or not we can repair it. However, we reserve the right to refuse a request for service if we believe that the warranty conditions have not been met.

To make a request to repair a product, nothing could be easier:

Your garment is damaged: mending, defective backpack zip, untied trail bag strap, torn membrane, lost or broken baton tip, damaged free-lock system etc. (excluding jacket zips)

To make a repair request, contact our customer service department directly by email at the following address:, our team will reply as soon as possible. For a quick response, please include a photo of the item in question, the purchase invoice or the order number if it is an order from the website.

You send your product at your expense to Raidlight 115 route de Perquelin 38380 Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, FRANCE with a proof of purchase and an explanation of your repair request.

Once we have received your product, we will pass it on to one of our specialist seamstresses. After we have checked your product, it will be repaired free of charge. We will inform you by e-mail of the receipt and whether or not your item will be repaired in our workshop. The processing time varies according to the request.

Once your product has been repaired, we will notify you by email that it has been sent. Raidlight will take care of the return.

You receive your product.