Raidlight develops its products with a focus on sustainability.

For the past ten years we have been integrating recycled components into our materials and fabrics. The fabrics retain all their technicality and the advantages of classic polyester (lightness, durability, comfort, fast drying and easy maintenance). Recycled polyester has a higher cost than classic polyester, but we are making this eco-responsible choice for the future.

This material offers all the comfort and quality of a classic polyester product, (lightness, durability, quick drying and easy maintenance) with the big difference that its raw material comes from recycling (industrial polyester waste, sorted plastic bottles, etc.).

Our objective is to reach 90% of products incorporating recycled polyester by 2023.

Recycled Polyester

60% des vêtements recyclés

Of our products are recycled in 2020

Objectif 90% recyclé

Target in 2023: 90% recycled