We have always been passionate about adventurous trail running, in these challenging environments is where Raidlight has proven itself. The Revolutiv Protect is an evolution of the Revolutiv, the high ankle sock construction provides you with additional protection from sand, gravel and snow. The high sock replaces the need to use a separate gaiter, fitting like a gasket around your ankle with a full internal sock construction creating a unique dual system of integrated shoe and gaiter. The TWS (Tendon Wrapping System) on the outer part of the shoe creates a solid fit between foot and shoe. Add a D+ Grip Dynamic outsole with an aggressive 6mm tread and a Dual+ dual density midsole and you get the best companion for the toughest terrain.

Revolutiv Protect shoes

70C - navy-blue-blue

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Concept developed to improve foot support and comfort. The Dual+ technology is a footbed of variable densities. 3 zones of increased shock absorption help support of the foot. This transfers to a gain in energy and increased comfort during use.

Developed and tested in our R&D center, this process brings a greater technicality to all our soles, with a high level of grip and durability. An incomparable running erevolutiverience. The D+ Grip Technology is available in 3 different models which answer all your requirements: dynamic, fast, light and comfortable. No more excuses to not being able find the perfect sole for your foot!


Lightweight Lycra internal sock construction for increased comfort and protection. Stitching lock: inner sock seams are constructed to prevent any intrusion of sand, snow, mud or debris.

TWS (Tendon Wrapping System) technology gives foot support: The shoe and the foot become one.

Strong, quick to adjust, no loosening during use, retention strap to keep control of loose ends.