Benoit's Choices

The Barkley Runner

"The Barkley marathons (USA) is the one of the hardest running races in the world, only 16 finishers in 32 years... 5 loops, in total 200Km and 22,000m of elevation, orienteering style course, unmarked, without GPS, and over rough ground, to be completed in less than 60 hours.

I participated 4 times in the Barkley (without succeeding in being a finisher), apart from the fact that it is navigational and in the middle of the forest and the hostility of the terrain (brambles, bushes, trees in the way). The spring weather is changeable, and often during the 60 hours it can be very hot with only two water points on the course, and just as much it can be very cold especially at night and snow"

Benoit's choices for Barkley