Jordi Gamito joins Team Raidlight

Who is Jordi Gamito?

At 38 years old, Jordi Gamito is among the world's elite with victories in internationally renowned races including 2nd place in the 2018 UTWT rankings, 3rd in UTMB and 3rd in the MIUT.

2020 marks a turning point with his entry into Team Raidlight.

His main objectives for the coming year are MIUTR, Volvic Volcanic Experience, Vall D'aran by UTMB and UTMB.

"2019 was a complicated year, both physically and morally, and it was difficult for me to regain that motivation. Joining the Raidlight team gives me the strength I needed, the desire to enjoy my sport and the mountains, as well as the feeling of belonging to a great common project. Personally, the members of the Raidlight team motivate me. I feel that I am not alone and I have the feeling of being valued. We have started working on projects and I already feel I belong. "

Jordi Gamito

"Jordi's entry into the team is a very good thing, apart from his track record it's his personality, his friendly, open and determined side that has motivated us to work together. His experience in the field will be beneficial to the brand since each member of the team is also involved in product development with the Open R&D. We are delighted with this new adventure!"

Nelly Roujon, Sports Marketing Manager

In 2008 Raidlight was the first brand to create a real social network around its consumers and their common interest whatever the level of each, around the same philosophy "Share the Trail Running experience". A discussion forum, rewards for members ...

This team open to everyone immediately attracted thousands of trail runners who participated in the promotion of the brand and product innovation through Open R&D. Indeed, the same year, Raidlight offers on its website a space dedicated to innovation, live exchange with the runners on the races ... This has been part of the DNA of the brand since its creation in 1999 and has also contributed to the development of products in recent decades.