Choosing a Jacket

Many races have a jacket as mandatory equipment, and you should also carry one with you when running for a longer training run. Exposure can catch you out quickly, even in non mountainous areas.

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Different types of Jacket


Mandatory equipment in many races. A Fully Taped Seam, Hooded, Waterproof Jacket. All of our waterproof jackets exceed general minimum standards for waterproof rating (Normally 10K HH*). On longer runs, staying as dry as possible is important as it is harder to manage body temperatures when wet as exposure makes you colder.

The biggest issue with all waterproof jackets is managing perspiration. Breathability is very important if you expect to wear the jacket for longer periods of time. For runners, the highest breathability will be the best jacket for comfort. But a more moderate level of breathability is more versatile for year round use as there is some heat retention that goes with it, so better as a more versatile single jacket for summer and winter.

To avoid getting too wet from your own perspiration you need to manage your effort and ventilate when possible. Many runners will wear a jacket over their race vest too. Benefits include:

- Easier to ventilate

- Stops the race vest and contents being saturated from rain

- The jacket suffers less friction problems that can be caused by race vests

Note: Using a size larger jacket will make it less comfortable and practical when not over your race vest. your normal size jacket should fit over small race vests, we do not recommend this for larger packs as it is impractical.

Our Technology

For many years we have continuously developed our MP+ waterproof/breathable technology.

All of our Waterproof/Breathable products use varying versions of the MP+ Membrane to give a performance/cost/weight/durability balance.

Raidshell 2.0 MP+: Weight: 290g. Waterproof/Breathable: 15K/15K. Versatile high stretch jacket giving improved comfort through freedom of movement. This is our heaviest and least breathable jacket developed for extended less high intensity use such as fastpacking or very long distance Ultra. Good for colder conditions.

Top Extreme MP+: Weight: 190g. Waterproof/Breathable: 20K/20K. Our most versatile. If you can only have one waterproof and breathable jacket then choose this one. Durable enough for training, light enough for carrying during a race and breathable enough to manage perspiration for most runners.

Ultralight 2.0 MP+: Weight: 165g. Waterproof/Breathable: 25K/60K. If you want the best breathability for comfort during high intensity running then this jacket is a revelation! A true race performance waterproof that keeps you dry and the breathability is not believed until you use it. You will be amazed at the lack of heat and dampness inside the jacket during use.

*Hydrostatic Head (HH) is the test used to calculate waterproofness of a fabric. The material is subjected to water being pushed against the fabric until it passes through, this pressure equates to a column of water (like a long drainpipe full of water and only the fabric holding it back) A HH of 10,000 is 10,000mm of water, or a 10m long drainpipe.

The Windproof

The windproof jacket is not waterproof! Windproof layers stop the chilling effect of the wind and have a degree of water resistance provided by a DWR (Durable Water Repellent Treatment). The benefit of using a windproof is comfort. We always say do not wear a waterproof unless it is raining. Windproof jackets are more breathable and allow more heat to escape. So if you are someone who wears a waterproof just for wind protection and notice that you are too warm, you need a windproof. Many runners have a windproof as their "go to" jacket for shorter training runs and even to use in races while still carrying their waterproof, they understand the improved comfort and versatility a windproof jacket offers.

Our Windproof

Only 85g for hooded jacket that protects you from the wind chill and dry snow, short periods of light rain and damp environments like fog/mist that normally soak your clothing

Ultralight Windproof Jacket
Ultralight Windproof Jacket
Ultralight Windproof Jacket
Ultralight Windproof Jacket


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