Where are our products made? Who are our production plants?

We produce a small part of our products in France in our workshop in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse. However, we are not able today to produce everything in France, for a question of manufacturing cost and production capacity.

We have therefore for years selected trusted partners throughout the world and mainly in Asia. These factories as well as our component fabric suppliers, with whom we are committed to long-term projects that make sense, are an integral part of our capacity for innovation. It is also with them that we have been working with for the past twelve years on recycled polyester materialswith the objective of achieving 75% of our products in recycled content by 2022.

We visit our factories ourselves several times a year to check. This allows us to have a real expertise, as well as an overview of the entire manufacturing process, from the chosen raw materials to the finished product, and also to be guarantors of the working conditions.

They manufacture our products




boat mainly, plane very rarely.