RaidLight Rewards Program


Get 3% of the amount of your purchases added to your reward account to be used on future orders.

Carriage free from €75

Benefit from relay point or home delivery and free returns on all your orders.


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To join theRaidLight Rewards program, you just have to place your 1st order on the site and you will accumulate reward points with each of your purchases.

1 - Increase your reward ponts account with each purchase made on our site

For each euro/CHF spent = 3% credited to your RaidLight Rewards account.
For example: for 100€/CHF purchase on, 3 €/CHF will be added to your account.

2 - Use your reward points on future orders

You can check the balance of your reward account in the "My Rewards" section of your account.
To use your points, simply click on the "Use Reward Points" button located at the bottom of the page before choosing a payment method.

3 - Terms and conditions of purchase:

The reward points can be used all at once. It is not possible to choose the number of points you wish to use when ordering.
If the amount of the order is lower than the amount of your reward points, the excess amount will remain in your reward account.

Example: For a purchase of 50€/CHF and reward points of 60€/CHF, there will be 10€/CHF left in the reward account at the end of the order.

4 - Validity of loyalty points RaidLight :

Since August 1st, 2015, the period of validity of the points of fidelity RaidLight is of 12 months as from their date of acquisition.
The RAIDLIGHT SAS company, reserves the right to modify at its will and at any time the conditions of attribution and use of the points of fidelity RaidLight.