For more than 20 years, MP+ membrane has been used by runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

It is known for breathability, waterproofness and durability. It is the ideal protection for high-intensity activities in demanding environments.

There is an MP+ technology for all users.

MP+ technology has 3 different types of membranes, more or less waterproof and breathable depending on the needs.

Revolutiv Membrane

The Revolutiv membrane is our high performance membrane. It is present on our ultralight jacket.

Waterproofing 20k

Waterproofing protects you from the elements. It is expressed in Hydrostatic Head. Imagine a drain pipe placed on the material and filled with water until it leaks through, the height of water in mm is the number. A garment is classed as waterproof from 1500 mm HH or 1.5K.

20K HH = 20K mm in water column, i.e. a water resistance of 2 bar pressure.

Breathability 25K

Breathability, is Moisture Vapour Transpiration, moving your perspiration outwards to help keep you dry. This is the most important factor for a high activity waterproof jacket.

25K = 25000g / m2 / 24h, i.e. 25L of sweat per m2 in 24h. For reference, the standard human body releases around 6.5L per m2 per 24h at rest.