What is Team RaidLight Open to All?

Join a passionate team and share the trail running experience.

Team RaidLight is a team open to all, whether you are a regular trail runner or a beginner. The goal is to share your experiences of trail running at different levels (equipment, training, food, races...) with other runners from all walks of life.

The goal is to work together on products, to better understand and anticipate trends, and also to have a great time together.

In 2008, RaidLight launched its Team Open to all, becoming the first brand to create a real "social network" around its customers and their common passion, the trail. This Team immediately attracted thousands of people from all walks of life and brought together thousands of members who participated in the life of the brand creating a real community of trail riders.

The Team's elite athletes are an integral part of the RaidLight Team open to all, and we like to select athletes who are compatible with these notions of Sharing and Friendliness.


The Team is now developing through a private Group on Facebook, where we share our experiences! To join our Team, and the local chapters led by our regional ambassadors, all you need to do is to click here

Belonging to Team RaidLight is:

- Join a group of enthusiasts, find and give advice

- Be part of a team in your region and take part in events (meetings, events ...)

- A shop with dedicated products (coming soon)

- Team drinks at major race expos such as UTMB or Templiers.

- Participation in collaborative R&D workshops

- Access to exclusive previews (private sales / launches of new collections)


For me TeamRaidlight is simply a family, an institution. I've been a member of the team since 2009 and I've met great people who have become friends. Thanks to the Team I have been able to live my passion and share it through stories and meetings... The only team open to EVERYONE!

Joel Archer, Ambassador Team Isere

For me to belong to the RaidLight Team is to have the chance to be part of the only Team open to all for more than 8 years now. Proudly wearing the Team's colours, being faithful to the brand, to the Team and to its values of sharing and conviviality. It also means being able to share our common passion on a daily basis but also to meet each other through races, weekends and meetings near us and throughout France. It is also a pride to work with a French brand!

Cyrille le Marrec, Ambassador RaidLight Brittany