Trail Training Tips


Contrary to road running, trail requires a specific preparation on the part of the effort but also on the part of the different terrains encountered.

Find here advice from our athletes, experts, teams and team members. Training plans, muscle strengthening exercises adapted to your goals. Whether you are a beginner, a runner or a seasoned runner, these programs are designed to help you reach your goal.

Work on specifics

Improve your ascent

The key? Adapt your posture and keep in mind that poles are your friends!

Ascend better

Improve your descent

The descent can be scary, the trick is to visualize and relax; your muscles will be better able to adapt to the terrain.

Descend better

Improve your speed.

If you're looking for improvements, you'll need to work on speed. On rolling, less technical terrain you will be able to accelerate.

Go faster!


The key to an active and effective recovery is the physical preparation to chain the trails and be able to resume training as soon as possible.

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Advice by race type

Trail Marathon

Running 42km can't be spontaneous! Find a complete training plan with specific sessions of VMA(aerobic) / hills / intervals...

Prepare for a 42KM


Whether you are preparing for a 50km, 80km, 120km or more, it will take you at least 6 months to ensure good preparation.

Preparing for an Ultra

Desert stage race

Know that you will need varied training, work on your endurance, threshold and VMA!

Preparing for a desert race

Training for the Grand Raid de la Reunion

The mythical crossing of the island by running, a challenge that many are launching. Splendid landscapes and summits to discover!

Prepare for the Diagonale