Need running advice for your next trail race? Whatever the distance (half-marathon, marathon, Ultra or stage race) our experts have prepared some information for you to be ready on the start line.

You'll find training plans, methods, athlete tips, equipment and nutrition. Whether you're a beginner or not, you'll find what you're looking for!

What's your next challenge?

Marathon Distance

Did you know that Nathalie Mauclair ran a marathon for the first time as a challenge for her 40th birthday? It was her first race! Now it's your turn?

42KM Challenge

Ultra-Trail (80KM)

How to start the Ultra trail? How to equip yourself? Find all our advice!

Ultra-Trail Challenge

Desert Races

Peru, Morocco, United States ... Destinations to discover ... running! The format of the marathon des sables is exported internationally and over shorter distances.

Desert Race Challenge



Voted the most legendary race in the world by the magazine l'Equipe in 2018, the diagonal race is a race that many dream of! Your turn?

Grand Raid Challenge